Good software solutions
are built on data

Capitalise data as an asset

Through smart use of data and modern IT, processes can be designed more efficiently, and companies can be aligned more effectively and innovatively.

Information Factory supports the digital transformation with expert know-how regarding data and IT.

The data-centric platform Cont@xt© forms an established basis.

industry solutions

Information Factory offers industry solutions for banks, insurance companies and public administrations.

These solutions are robust, highly parameterizable and can be tailored to individual requirements.

Implement functional

Information Factory develops, implements and maintains software solutions for specific management functions.

Based on data-driven workflows, data is validated and integrated, processes are automated and cross-collaboration is improved.

For digital surveys, eForms, ESG, HR or for individual needs.

Be part of
the think tank

Information Factory’s Innovation Lab acts as a think tank and laboratory for digital opportunities and new technologies and offers specific training.

Use as a Service

Which IT components should be outsourced?

Information Factory offers As A Service for its own solutions and IT security.

How can we
support you?

We would be pleased to personally answer your questions.