Ensure conformity with rules

Continuous compliance builds trust and protects the company, its staff and other stakeholders.

With organizational and procedural design, compliance management should identify and eliminate violations of regulations and values as far as possible.

As a trusted partner for clients, Information Factory pursues a tailored and holistic compliance management approach:

  • Implications and risks regarding regulatory requirements are captured as comprehensively as possible.
  • Compliance processes and activities are specifically defined and they are operationalized through the operating model.
  • Compliance is tracked and integrated into performance steering.
  • Compliance designs are very well documented and introduced using change management methodology.
  • Projects combine industry, risk, process, IT and legal know-how.
  • Compliance organisation and responsibilities are clearly defined and closely aligned with Risk and Governance.
  • Compliance flows into corporate values and culture.

Information Factory’s compliance consulting includes the following areas in particular:

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