Our services for Financial Institutions

Providing top management support

Advancing sustainable transformations

The financial sector is facing major challenges and is amid transformations, driven by demands and actors of different natures.

Information Factory knows stakeholders and expectations and provides competent support to the management of financial institutions.

Steer return and valuation

Critically question the strategy

With the turnaround in interest rates, the cost of capital and return expectations of shareholders have also increased.

To counter expectations and underpin an attractive market value, banks and asset managers should align their strategy and performance in the best possible way.

Management needs good answers to specific questions:

  • Why isn’t our valuation more attractive?
  • Which objectives will create future value?
  • What strategy and programs have anchored these objectives?
  • In which profitable segments are we growing; will non-core be divested?
  • To what extent are we operationally excellent; what are the group synergies?

Designed for compliance

Reassess regulations regularly

Violations of regulations often lead to high penalties and losses in the banking industry. In particular, loss of reputation and trust can cause negative spirals with serious consequences, which is why banks are in the compliance spotlight.

The bank’s management should proactively manage compliance risks and have comprehensive and specific regulations periodically objectively reviewed and continually perfected.

Geared towards sustainability

Define strategic significance

Financial institutions are not only required to reduce their own emissions, but in particular to align financial flows with climate-friendly solutions, which can imply loss of exposure and customers.

It is important to define the overall ambition and strategy regarding sustainability: What is our strategic sustainability, where do we set the benchmark? And in which areas do we simply remain “smart followers”?

Compared with the market

There are very different methods for comparing performance within the industry.

As Information Factory, we analyse financial institutions ourselves and base our studies on largely consistent data from numerous financial institutions – at international as well as local level