Profound Career Development

Our employees are crucial to our success.

We hire them based on the potential we see in them. And we support them through well-founded, individual career development – in Management Consulting and IT.

Development in Management Consulting

As a Consultant, you will get to know our units and toolkits and start working with clients. You tackle problems and analyses and drive project modules forward.

The Senior Consultant takes on more responsibility and manages parts of the project. He learns to introduce new ways of thinking, to develop options and supervise consultants.

Managers and Senior Managers have developed the necessary set of hard and soft skills as well as leadership qualities to take on project responsibility. They design and structure projects and lead involved teams.

As a Senior Manager, you are skilled at managing complexity, creating client value and maintaining relationships.

Managing and Group Directors are part of Information Factory’s Executive Board. They develop client relationships and assume overall responsibility for sustainable transformations. At the same time, they lead internal group functions.

Development in IT

In IT, Information Factory offers two career paths – in Solution Engineering on the one hand and Software Engineering on the other.

Solution Engineers translate complex client requirements into technical concepts and IT solutions. Software Engineers develop tailor-made solutions and integrate them precisely into our customers’ existing system landscape.

The career levels are structured similarly across the units.

Centers of Excellence

Employees in Management Consulting and in IT become increasingly engaged in our 17 Centers of Excellence – along focus industries, consulting functions and technical competencies:

  • Financial Institutions, Insurance Sector, Public Sector.
  • Strategy, Performance, People, Operations, Data, Technology, Cost, Compliance, Sustainability.
  • Data Hub, Industry Solutions, X-Industry Solutions, As a Service, Innovation Lab.

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